Created by Cyber Security Experts

With years of experience in cybersecurity and a focus on helping our clients mitigate supplier-related risks, The ZDL Group has developed a variety of supplier evaluation methods and processes. While working with clients of varying sizes, we consistently encountered a recurring challenge: How can we efficiently and cost-effectively evaluate all or a larger number of suppliers? This led us to create VenDoor.

Why is managing supply chain risk important?

Supply chain attacks are hugely appealing to cybercriminals as they can impact a broad range of data from a multitude of organisations.

The processes being used to assess suppliers are often basic and time-consuming, making it difficult to effectively identify vulnerabilities or risks, and even harder to manage third parties. Ultimately supply chain attacks have and always will be a lucrative target for attackers, with the payoff usually being extremely beneficial for the adversary. However, the risks of a supply chain attack also lies in how a service is configured, how the supplier adopts information security best practice, how critical assets are protected and the level of access they have to your network and/or data.

It is important now more than ever to understand which suppliers expose you to the most risk.

Understanding the Business Threat Landscape

We’ve revolutionised Supplier Evaluation Risk Management with a unique calculation that produces a risk rating that’s not binary, but displays different dimensions of risk based on criticality or supplier, likelihood of the threat and the severity of the impact of that threat.

VenDoor allows you to assess your suppliers to determine if they have the appropriate controls in place to:

  • Safeguard the data you may be sharing with them
  • Protect the service they are providing to you
  • Recover from unforeseen events

The failure of any one of these areas could have a negative impact on your business.

VenDoor intuitively understands the threats your business faces. From Data Loss to Ransomware, VenDoor helps you to manage the risks in your supply chain.

Data Loss

VenDoor tracks supplier responses and calculates the risk of vulnerability to common cyber threats, including data loss.

Armed with this knowledge, ZDL can work with you on creating a remediation plan for your supplier to reduce the potential for their disruption to impact you.

Denial of Service (DoS)

Our review assesses suppliers' internal policies, procedures, and configurations to determine their ability to fend off DoS attacks.

The VenDoor review covers a suppliers internal policies, procedures and configurations to determine that the controls are in place to mitigate an attempted DoS attack.


We ensure suppliers have the necessary controls in place to help protect against ransomware attacks.

Our in-depth review of controls and resilience will provide your business with an understanding of your suppliers ability to withstand such an attack.

Unauthorised Access

Whether it is trade secrets, customer data or your financial records, you only want the authorised people to have access to that information.

You can check that your suppliers have the controls in place to protect any data that you share with them. VenDoor identifies risks for common cyber attacks, helping you pinpoint weaknesses.

Scalable & Repeatable - Evaluate more of your supply chain


VenDoor centralises everything, allowing you to survey as many suppliers as you need, not just the critical ones.


Ensure regulatory compliance with VenDoor's demonstrable supplier security review process.


VenDoor drives efficiencies, enabling organizations to expand their supplier review program without expanding their teams.


Not only gain full visibility into supply chain risks, but also receive actionable remediation guidance from The ZDL Group's cybersecurity experts.